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The purpose of a resume

Your resume is a marketing tool. It needs to demonstrate:

  1. That you are employable 
  2. How you meet the job and the organisation’s requirements 
  3. That you have the right qualifications and education 
  4. That you have the right experience and skills 
  5. That you have the right level of professionalism for the job

How long should my resume be?

There is no standard length for a resume. A resume varies in length depending on your experience and education. If you haven’t worked much before, one or two pages is best, but three pages is okay if you’ve got a lot of study and work behind you.

Choose a free sample of a modern resume from the list below:

File Name: Blue-grey-resume.docx

File Name: Green-cube-resume.docx

File Name: Student-Resume.docx

File Name: Creative-4.docx

When writing a cover letter, you should:

  1. introduce yourself
  2. mention the job (or kind of job) you’re applying for (or looking for)
  3. show that your skills and experience match the skills and experience needed to do the job
  4. encourage the reader to read your resume
  5. finish with a call to action (for example, asking for an interview or a meeting).

Keep it short. A cover letter is meant to be a summary of your resume, so don’t write more than one page.

Choose a free sample cover letter from a selection below:

File Name: Blue-Grey-Cover-Letter.docx

File Name: Green-Cube-Cover-Letter.docx

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